Return to Rock

On Monday, a small portion of the team returned to Rock Springs. The trip was purely for survey work, so only Renee, Andy, George, Kris and I came. Kris and I were there to provide support for the divers. This pretty much means helping to hall any of the three steel tanks that each diver uses. The divers entered the cave at Rock with enough air to last about three weeks. During their time underwater, Kris and I perused the snack bar and read. I finished Shadow Divers a few days after starting it, the book was great, but it left me lacking in reading material for my flight the next day. One hour passed, then two. The spring started to get nasty and silty. Next we heard bubbles, and the three divers emerged triumphant. They had finally made it though a restriction that had been taunting them since they started sampling at Rock. Due to the incredible flow, they were only able to lay another thirty feet of line past the restriction, but they did find a side passage before the restriction with an unusual flow pattern. Though they were not able to investigate it during this dive, they vowed to return and explore it. Once the divers were out of the water we all helped pack up and departed for steak n’ shake. I got a side by side Vanilla and bannana milkshake with hot fudge on top. This is perhaps not relevant to the web log, but it was so good, I feel the need to recommend it to anyone reading this. After lunch at steak n’ shake we headed back to Renee’s house to begin packing. Andy would be flying back to England the next day, and George was driving to Arkansas. I myself was bound for San Diego. The next day I said good by to everyone and Amy’s mom, Linda drove me to the airport for my trip to San Diego.