Undersea Divers!

I recently visited Undersea Divers in Beverly, MA to get fitted for lots of new dive gear that I am excited to use during my internship! My new, Henderson 7 mm wetsuit fits like a glove — and so do my new gloves! I love my Aqua Lung fins which have a spring-loaded strap, making them very easy to slide in and out of. I can’t wait to get in the water and try out all this new equipment, including my drysuit which is on the way! I am very fortunate that Undersea Divers has so generously sponsored me alongside many wonderful dive gear retailers such as DUI, Henderson, and Aqua Lung. A huge thank you goes out to the staff of Undersea Divers, Whitney Boyle and Shaun Maguire, for helping coordinate the fitting of my new gear! I really appreciate the generosity!