57th Annual Boston Sea Rovers Clinic

March 5th & 6th 2011

WOW. My head is reeling from the past two days. It’s been a non-stop whirlwind of introductions, generosity, and amazing people. This year the Boston Sea Rover Clinic is being held at the Crowne Plaza

Faith fitting me for my custom DUI Drysuit!

Boston North Shore hotel in Danvers, MA. This is the first time the Clinic has been held here, so there was a lot of pressure to get it right. I personally think it was spectacular. There were speakers and workshops going on all the time, a ton of awesome vendors, and everyone always had someone to talk with. I spent my time trying to meet as many people as possible. Between helping out at the coat room to raise money for the internship, walking among all the venders with Kim Malkoski (2008 Intern) and Sarah Brightman (2010 Intern) as my guides, attending several talks, after parties, and dinners, I felt like I’d met so many people, they couldn’t all possibly fit in one room.

Me, going through all the Aqualung gear donated by Bobby Boyle to the internship.

At one point while we were walking through the venders, I met Dan Orr, the President of D.A.N. He was extremely kind, encouraging, and generous. D.A.N. donated 6months of insurance to me, and a drybag. I really hope I get to go visit them in NC this summer! I also received a mask and snorkel from the wonderful people at Cressi as I was meeting everyone. I also met with Fred Dion at Backscatter, who donates an underwater camera to each intern, and who also worked with Andrew Bausk at Olympus to get a still camera donated to the internship as well. I can’t WAIT to learn how to use them! During one of our other vendor ventures, Faith Ortins fitted me for my very own, custom DUI drysuit. I had never put on a drysuit before, so it was a pretty entertaining event for those watching. After getting fitted, and having Faith explain a lot of the basics and uses of drysuits, I couldn’t wait to get my own and try it out! Later in the day, I was given even more new dive gear for the internship! Bobby Boyle (Undersea Divers) donated an Aqualung wetsuit, BCD, regulator, dive-computer, tank, and dive-gear bag. I couldn’t believe it! I can’t get over how generous and supportive everyone is of the internship! I’m so grateful, and I’m pretty sure I said “thank-you” every other word this weekend!

Me with Stan Waterman at BSR Clinic.

Saturday night, before the film festival, I was invited to the Board of Directors dinner, along with all of the presenters for the film festival. Kate Douglas (First Scalli Intern) was my wingman, and introduced me to as many of the presenters as she could. I was in awe when I found myself at a table with Stan Waterman, Bob Ballard, Rick Rosenthal, and Marty Klein, this year’s recipient of the “Diver of the Year” award. Throughout dinner I was privy to all of these inspirational people exchanging stories of shipwrecks, dives, equipment, and life experiences. It’s going to be one of those events I tell the grandkids about. After dinner was over, it was time for the Saturday Evening Film Festival to begin, which meant it was almost time for me to get officially introduced to everyone as this year’s Frank Scalli Intern!

Me with Dr. Bob Ballard at the Boston Sea Rover Clinic.

The Film Festival was absolutely phenomenal. We got to see footage from Dr. Bob Ballard, Rick Rosenthal, Berkley White, Canadian photographers Michel Gilbert & Danielle Alary, Joe Romiero and Bill Fisher, and Dr. Gregory Skoma. I could have sat there all night. At one point between the films, Patrick Scalli called me up onto the stage to officially introduce me as the 2011 Frank Scalli Intern. My constant thoughts throughout this process were: “SMILE!” “Don’t Trip!” “Oh my gosh I can’t believe this is happening to me!” and a few similar sentiments.  By the time the Film Festival had ended, I officially felt like I was in some kind of fantasy land, where anything was possible. I can’t WAIT for my summer to start!

Sunday was filled with more introductions, some time in the coat room, walking among the vendors (Now I had people that I could say “Hi!” to!), and then lunch with Dave and Pat Morton to discuss the internship this summer. There are already so many amazing opportunities lining up in front of me!  I can’t thank everyone enough for all that they have done, or are going to do for me this summer!….can I start yet!?