Working at East Coast Divers: Day 2

On my second day of working at East Coast Divers, my main job was helping get the shop ready for the big tax-free weekend sale that East Coast was running on Saturday and Sunday. Every year East Coast holds a big party with food and drinks, which help entice customers to buy the newest gear. In preparation, the shop has to be looking perfect. After restocking shelves and cleaning the place spotless, Nick had me work on the displays. The dive shop has 3 BCs on rotating displays with regulators mounted on them. Nick had me change one of the BCs to a different model he wanted to advertise over the weekend. This was a much more involved process than I was anticipating, as I not only had to set up the new BC but take apart the old BC in order to get it off the stand. After I was done with the BCs, I moved on to regulators, switching out two of them for expensive titanium regulators, one of which had been subjected to extremely cold temperatures, leading to beautiful rainbow scoring all over the metal. This startling change elevated the price point to a whopping $2800. After I was done, I got to spend some time with Sea Rover Paul Leonard who helps run the management side of the store. Through him, it was eye opening to see the intricacies that go into running a bustling dive shop. Hopefully I can spend some more time at east coast divers soon!