The Flow

We got an early start to collect samples in DeLeon Springs. Terrence briefed me on the flow and our mission to collect 6 water samples. We suited up to venture into the cave. The entrance into the cave is a tube that has a tremendous amount of flow coming out of it. As we walked to the spring I could see the huge boiler of water coming out. We made our decent and hit the entrance of the tube. It was spewing out rocks and other things.Terrence made entering the tube look easy. When it was my turn I pulled myself into through the cave. Let me tell you this was a lot harder than Terrance made it look. I had to fight all the water coming at me.

Once through the entrance the flow got a little better. Since this cave is not open to the public it is very rarely dove which meant that every time our bubbles hit the sealing bacteria and silt fell. This caused what is known as a silt out. On our way out Terrence noticed a new passage no one had ever explored before. This was an exciting dive made even more exciting when we hit the surface and Terrence told me that of all the caves he dives this one is the worst one and that I had made my first advanced cave dive.

After my dive Josh Woody and Boz did their first open water dive in the spring. After all the days dives were done we headed back to the dive shop to get fills and do a debriefing meeting. The next stop was to a Friends of Wikiva meeting. Here one of Terrence’s neice presented her State winning science fair project on water flow in the springs. . At the meeting we met up with another member of the Cambrain teem, Carl Shreves. We all went out to dinner and then we called it a day.