My First Day of Diving and What a Day!

We gassed up the boat and took the 6.2 mile ride to the Mary Alice B. a 65.5 foot tug boat that sunk in 92 feet of water.  Although I was told that the ship sits upright, fully intact on the bottom, I was not prepared for what I was soon to experience. Before I knew it we were over the wreck and suiting up. As we descended the wreck came into view at about 50 ft. Being from Connecticut I had never really seen a fully intact wreck with artifacts still in place. The only thing I could think of on the dive is how every thing was frozen in time.

The next site we dove on was the Regina it sits in 77 ft of water and sits turtle. This was a very cool wreck. In Connecticut, with all my prior wreck diving I have never seen rows of intact portholes still on ships. On this dive I also got my second experience shooting with Pat’s video camera. I give them a lot of credit, it’s not easy shooting video. Before I knew it Pat had me editing my footage and giving me pointers on how to improve my video footage.  This most incredible day came to a close with me helping Jim fill tanks and get the boat ready for tomorrows dives.