Diving Fort Wetherill & Nitrox Certification

The past few days I spent with Rick Simon in Coventry, Connecticut finishing my Nitrox certification and getting in some more dives! I drove down to Connecticut and met Rick for his open water night class at a local YMCA. We reviewed some skills in the pool and I was able to shadow him while he was teaching the class. It was excellent being able to speak with aspiring divers in Rick’s class! The next day we drove to Jamestown, Rhode Island to go diving at Fort Wetherill. Diving here with Rick was nostalgic because I completed all of my open water certification dives here in 2012 with Sarah Driscoll and Bill Murphy! While diving we encountered a Torpedo Ray on the bottom; this is not an animal that you want to disturb since they have the potential to generate up to 220 volts of electricity! We saw numerous local fish species hiding along the side of the cliff which was covered with dense algae and kelp. After the dive we drove back to Connecticut and I took my certification test for Nitrox at Divers Cove in Essex! It was a great few days with Rick in southern New England and I’m very grateful to him and his wife Erin for hosting me again!