Backscatter Underwater Photo & Video Center

The other day I visited Mike Lodise at Backscatter Underwater Photo & Video in Derry, New Hampshire! Mike welcomed me into his shop and we organized all of the underwater camera gear that Backscatter donates every year to the internship! From a GoPro to a Gates underwater housing and Sony camera, Backscatter generously provides the intern with the necessary equipment to document our experiences throughout the summer. Mike was very thorough and showed me exactly how all of the gear worked! He also gave me numerous helpful tips for keeping my gear organized and in good condition. After working with the cameras and gear we talked extensively about diving in New England and underwater photography in general. We even discussed going diving at Nubble Light in Maine sometime this summer! I loved speaking with Mike and I’m incredibly grateful to him for his unparalleled diligence and generosity. I look forward to seeing him and the people at Backscatter again soon! backscattewr